It all started when Alexandra was given the task of hiring the newest coordinator for the marketing company she worked at. Little did Alexandra and the new hire know this would be the beginning of a rollercoaster journey. That new hire was of course, Emily Vickers. Alexandra and Emily became fast friends both professionally and personally, working together for several months on client accounts and large projects.

The true test of this professional friendship came when Alexandra suddenly parted ways with the company, leaving Emily caught between a rock and a hard place. Within an hour of Alexandra leaving, Emily appeared on her doorstep with a bottle of wine and a crazy idea. They walked away from everything they had known; ready to make the biggest gamble of their lives. Excited and nervous, but could feel there was something special brewing around this once in a lifetime opportunity, together they took a leap.

Which brings us to today: two girls, two dogs and one very POLISHED. company.

Emily Vickers

Emily Vickers and Winston

Emily grew up in Leawood, Kansas. She attended the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Illinois graduating with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Management. Moving from Chicago to Denver on a whim, Emily was looking for an adventure. She adopted a retired racing grayhound, Winston, moved downtown and set about creating a life for her and Winston in Denver. In her free time she enjoys spearheading the campaign for yellow Gatorade as the best flavor, developing a friendship with the Chinese deliveryman and forcing Winston to be a lap dog.

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Alexandra Cook

Alexandra Cook and Alo

Alexandra grew up in Denver, Colorado. She attended Drake University in Des Moines, IA graduating with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. After graduation, Alexandra moved to Spain, traveling and working as an English tutor. Two years later she moved back to Denver to be closer to family and friends. She moved into her own place downtown, adopted a tiny puppy (now an 80 pound puppy), and started in the world of social media. Alexandra is an executive member of The Red Balloon Society (a young professionals group) and sits on the PR and Marketing committee for a local nonprofit. In her free time she enjoys extensive conversations with her dog Alo, car trips with no destination, and making a meal out of the samples at Costco.

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From Alex and Emily:

We appreciate all of the support, backing and numerous high fives from our dear family and friends as we branch out into the world of entrepreneurship. But, of all the people who have pushed and encouraged us, we would specifically like to thank our mothers, Polly Vickers and Jill Klancke Cook!