POLISHED. Media Minute: Online Safety

POLISHED. Media Management is very passionate about online safety. Everyone knows Snapchat but do you know what Whisper, Yak Yak or Mustache are? These are all new apps that allow people to send "anonymous" text messages that "disappear" once they…

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POLISHED. Media Minute: Consistency

POLISHED. Media Management is back after a small hiatus from video blogging. Today we talk about how important consistency is throughout social media and how we are getting back on track with our blog. As a blanket statement we believe…

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MEDIA MINUTE: Hashtags 101

Confused on what a hashtag is? So are a few of our clients! Emily went back to the basics in this blog on hashtags 101. She explains that they are used as a communication tool but also gives a few…

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MEDIA MINUTE: LinkedIn Engagement

Our Media Minute this week is on LinkedIn Engagement - Another question people often ask us: Do you use LinkedIn as often as Facebook?  The answer, no. In this video the Polished. girls share three points - When to post to LinkedIn,…

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