Wowza… can you believe that we are already in the end of FEBRUARY 2016?!?
So much is happening! Emily and I both celebrate our birthdays this month (whoop whoop, anyone else feeling 28?!), POLISHED. is thriving with new clients and new opportunities, and we are busy all day, errrry day breaking a sweat and busting our booties for the amazing companies we work with. Whew. It’s no wonder that it seems like every time we look at the calendar another week has gone by!
One of our really great clients is an initiative here in the Metro Denver area called Close To Home. Close To Home CO is a grass-roots network consisting of 16 non-profits who are all speaking up and stepping out to help#MakeHomelessnessHistory in Colorado. Close To Home is a diverse grassroots network made up of organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals  who are committed to #MakeHomelessnessHistory in Colorado. Living in the downtown area we see a number of people struggling with homelessness, but it turns out those we see are a small minority. More than half of the people here who find themselves without a safe place to call home are families and children. Working on this campaign, we’ve learned that truly anyone can lose their home. The main things that lead to homelessness are skyrocketing rents, job loss or too-low wages, and changes in family circumstances Making homelessness history in Colorado is only going to work when everyone adds their voice to the cause. Close to Home provides a much-needed, unique platform to help each of us learn more, speak up and take actions that are going to help make our hometown a place where EVERYONE has a safe place to call home. We invite you to take the pledge in adding your voice to help #MakeHomeslessHistory at closetohomeco.org/take-action/pledge/. We are so honored to be involved in something that is working to make Colorado a better place to live for everyone!
We certainly express gratitude to the powers that be for all fortunes that come our way, and we hope that you do too. There is so much to be grateful for and so much to continue to work for! We hope that as the month of “love” comes to a close and warmer months start to creep in, you find yourself surrounded by great people, good wine and food, and a safe place to call home every evening. As always, #StayPolished and…