POLISHED. Media Minute: Online Safety

POLISHED. Media Management is very passionate about online safety. Everyone knows Snapchat but do you know what Whisper, Yak Yak or Mustache are? These are all new apps that allow people to send "anonymous" text messages that "disappear" once they…

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Wowza... can you believe that we are already in the end of FEBRUARY 2016?!? So much is happening! Emily and I both celebrate our birthdays this month (whoop whoop, anyone else feeling 28?!), POLISHED. is thriving with new clients and…

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POLISHED. Media Minute: Consistency

POLISHED. Media Management is back after a small hiatus from video blogging. Today we talk about how important consistency is throughout social media and how we are getting back on track with our blog. As a blanket statement we believe…

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In January of this year, Emily and I agreed to have a "company meeting" in August and assess where we were and whether or not we wanted to continue the company. We figured that gave us 8 months to either…

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View the entire Newsletter Here! Life has lots of steps. Big ones, little ones, scary ones, fun ones. Sometimes they are steps we don't want to take, and sometimes they are steps we have been looking forward to for years.…

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View entire newsletter here! Holy moly it's almost July, and let me tell you... we've been doing some sweating recently. I live in a 1920's building in downtown Denver that does not have air conditioning. If anyone is looking for…

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