In January of this year, Emily and I agreed to have a “company meeting” in August and assess where we were and whether or not we wanted to continue the company. We figured that gave us 8 months to either make or break it. 8 months to get clients, make money (dream big, am I right?), develop a working business relationship with each other and really see if POLISHED. Media Management had any legs to stand upon. Well, we had our August check-in meeting and both Emily and I agree that we are not going anywhere. In fact, it was not even an issue. Both of our hearts and minds are set on making this the best damn social media company Denver has to offer.
With the consideration of reassessing our company I have been thinking about just how far we have come and how much fun these first 8 months have really been. It has been a constant challenge, but one that I know we both look forward to every day and helps both of us go to bed every night with our head and hearts full.
Check out the video for this month’s blog. It’s actually the very first one we ever filmed- I remember being SO excited about the idea of this blog and what it could do for our company. Consider this our #ThrowbackThursday edition – Google the hashtag #TBT if you are not sure to what we are referring!
As always if you have ANY social media ponderings/pointers/considerations, let us know! We look forward to talking with you.