LinkedIn – Company vs. Professional

What is the difference between a LinkedIn Company page and a professional LinkedIn page?


We frequently work with business owners that do not have a LinkedIn Company page for their organization. “But, I am on LinkedIn personally.” They usually tell us proudly. Which is great. We are always glad that you are utilizing LinkedIn personally.

However, if you are a business owner, you should give your company a place of its own to live on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the premier social platform for business professionals to connect. A LinkedIn Company page is a source for people to explore and learn more about your company culture, practices, and industry knowledge.

Through an organization’s Company Page, you’ll receive a high-level summary of the company along with basic information such as specialties, size, website URL, industry, and more.”*

Use your LinkedIn Company page to promote your company- sales, new hires, changes in industry practice etc. Keep your professional LinkedIn page to updates about yourself, professional articles, and engagement with others in your professional network.