The Dirty P…

Alright guys, let’s quick talk Social Media and that dirty “P” word… Politics.


First of all, let’s be really clear in that we at POLISHED. Media strongly suggest to always avoid posting your political position on any professional profile.

It’s just a no-no. It is not your company’s job to educate the masses according to your political persuasion.* It’s your company’s job to be really great at, well, their job. Stick to what you know. (*Unless Politics is what you know and do, then by all means ignore this and post away.)

Now that we’ve put our two cents in…. lots of you folks are in fact sharing and commenting on political content- hopefully it’s always on your personal page. Which would lead me to ask you why you like causing extra stress in your life, but another time. With all that sharing, commenting, tweeting, and liking, the online engagement is having a definite impact on our personal political experiences.

Let’s take a look at some social media numbers:

• 9% of users on social media say they often post about government and politics. About 1/3 of all users admit to posting or discussing politics on social media.

• 44% of US Adults in a recent survey that say they learnt about the Presidential Election via social media.

• 40% of all social media users have taken steps to block or minimize political content they see from other users.

• 20% of social media users say they’ve modified their stance on a social or political issue because of material they saw on social media.

• 17% say social media has helped to change their views about a specific political candidate

• 20 Million Hours- the amount of time users have spent on YouTube alone watching the presidential debate live streams this past election.

For some interesting reading, and to see the rest of the articles where we pulled these stats from, please visit here (Pew Research Center) and here (Big News Network).

How has social media helped shape your political thinking? We would love to hear from you any trends you have observed or any questions you might have. Until next time!

–The Polished. Media Ladies