Social Channels and Your Online Privacy 101

Online privacy can be a tricky line to toe. While we are clearly advocates for having an online presence, we also encourage people to be informed users. Education about the social platform is a gateway to empowerment over your online presence and what is (or is not) public information. You can control your online reputation and protect your privacy.

Are you familiar with the safety and profile settings on each social media channel? Do you know what can be viewed by a stranger versus what can be viewed by your connections? If you have not checked these settings out, we’ll show you where to go.

  • For Facebook, you will find these controls under Settings > Privacy Settings and Tools. There you can control what posts are public versus private, as well as who can search for you using the Facebook platform. Here is Facebook’s help forum on privacy.
  • For Twitter, you can find these settings under the menu that appears when you click on your personal icon in the upper right corner. From there you will find Settings and Privacy- once clicked a full menu on the left will appear giving you power over your profile and its online footprint. As well, here is Twitter’s help forum for privacy.
  • For Instagram, you have a choice of having a private or public profile. Make sure you know where to find this control, should you not want just anybody to be able to view your content. Here is Instagram’s help forum on their privacy.

Being a knowledgeable user can mean the difference between protecting your privacy and letting it all hang out there. Adjust your profile settings to what you are most comfortable with and keep the control in your hands.

If you are interested in further discussing your digital footprint and how it can be monitored, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.