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Life has lots of steps. Big ones, little ones, scary ones, fun ones. Sometimes they are steps we don’t want to take, and sometimes they are steps we have been looking forward to for years. Summer time has always been one of my favorite seasons because it seems like the time when you get to celebrate lots of these “steps.” From graduation parties to weddings, the months of May through August always seem to fill up quickly with celebratory activities.

Although most steps are similar at a base level, they differ in the manner and timing for each individual. I have plenty of friends who are currently marching down isles, popping pacifiers into baby mouths, and having 3am bottle feeding times. Me? I can barely remember to feed both my dog and myself, and my (patient) boyfriend has made it his mission to teach me punctuality since I struggle to make it on time to well, anywhere… but I’m working on it.

While I may not have chosen the wedding or baby “steps” at this point in my life (and I probably won’t for awhile, sorry Mom), I have chosen the step of being an entrepreneur. And to me, that is a baby. I stay up worrying about our company, I nurture it, I want nothing more than to see it grow and succeed, and sometimes, while I always love it, I don’t always like how it behaves. POLISHED. Media Management has taught me such a sense of determination, strength, and a “why-the-hell-not” attitude, that I can’t imagine my development as an individual had I not taken this step and the previous steps that led Emily and I to this point.

Everyone has their own paths to walk and steps to conquer. It’s up to no one else how you do it or in what order you arrange the steps. Staying true to who you are and #MakingMoves is the name of the game!

If you would like to learn more about how to appropriately document life’s exciting steps on your social profiles, Contact Us.

Two big steps we are very excited to share are the recent engagements of Emily’s sister Abigail Vickers, and Emily’s long time friend Allison Linz! Congratulations ladies and POLISHED. Media Management wishes you all the best!

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