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Holy moly it’s almost July, and let me tell you… we’ve been doing some sweating recently. I live in a 1920’s building in downtown Denver that does not have air conditioning. If anyone is looking for a free sauna treatment, come on over. (Must be okay with dog hair.) But, this newsletter isn’t to tell you about our bodies’ over active sudoriparous glands, but rather about the nitty gritty, us getting down, dirty, and stinking serious about the growth and success of our company. Our last weeks have been filled with client meetings, networking, brainstorm sessions with our business coach, and as many coffees/drinks/lunches with other business owners that we can cram into the work week, so we may pick their business brains. We have also had to have those hard conversations this month that always, inevitably, surround small businesses. And it’s making us sweat.

But, in all of our sweaty hard work, we have had the pleasure to talk with some really truly great business owners here in the Denver area. It’s reminded me of a few things: A) That Denver really has the one of the best young professional scenes, filled with diverse, fun, and relaxed people. B) Sometimes the slightly strange dude in the corner will actually be a solid lead. And, C) that you can’t do it all by yourself. Every business owner has a story about where they started. Many of them were happy to share with us how they got to where they are today. But all of them, ALL of them, talked about others who had helped them, coached them, and encouraged them. We can’t do this by ourselves, and we don’t want to do this by ourselves. Taking advantage of the knowledge shared by other professionals in our community is critical to our growth.

We’re going to keep working, busting our booties, and of course sweating… all for the growth of the business we love so much. As always, if you have ANY social media ponderings please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Wishing you a month of air-conditioned success!

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