Instagram, A Few Fast Facts

Instagram was founded in 2010 as the brain child of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instantly popular, the social platform has been a leading competitor since its launch. After reaching 1 million users within its first two months, Instagram’s numbers have only continued to climb- reaching 700 million as of April 2017. Facebook acquired the company in 2012 for $1 billion.

The first of its kind to do so, Instagram focused on being an image based platform with text as a secondary component. The app has continued to stay fresh with developments such as multiple photo filters, introduction of dedicated hashtag “trends”, photo mapping (removed in 2016), Instagram direct, and Instagram Stories. Demographics for Instagram skew slightly female, with 68% of its users being women and 32% being men. Singer Selena Gomez takes the top spot for account with the most followers, followed closely by Ariana Grande.

At Polished. Media, we love Instagram for the visual branding possibilities it offers to companies. Organizations that work heavily in aesthetic based product or services will find this social platform highly helpful. We suggest most companies, even if not largely aesthetic based, consider Instagram as a strong element to their social media presence. Considering using Instagram to tell the visual side of your company story; what does your office look like, what project are you currently working on, or where do you like to go to clear your head? Snap those photos and ‘gram away!

For further reading about the history and development of Instagram, consider checking out this awesome infographic, or the general Wikipedia page for Insta.

If you are interested in creating a social campaign for your organization (including Instagram) give us a call! #StayPolished