What Is Your Vision?

Social media is so much more than ensuring your company’s name and number are online.  It offers platforms to educate, collaborate, entertain, inspire, and connect around your industry. We love working with business owners passionate about their vision, and helping educate them on how social media can support their ideas. As a business owner, getting clear about your vision and mission can be the hardest part to accomplish. But, once you have this down (and hopefully lots of passion to back it) there are so many ways to share and utilize online networks in aiding your company’s purpose and growth.

Collaboration is a BIG part of social media. Use this to your benefit! Where are the industry thought leaders hanging out? Who are the industry thought leaders? What are they reading and sharing? Find them and find out. LinkedIn offers incredible ability to professionally connect and collaborate. Facebook groups are a great way to reach out to like-minded folk. Also, searching Twitter hashtags for your company’s keywords will offer insight to the industry conversation happening there. So many ways to collaborate, so many ways to connect. Find the people who align with your vision and go for it!

Speak up. Educating your online audience is another way to use social media for the growth of your vision. When you speak up and share your voice, you position yourself as a thought leader for your industry. Write a blog, share posts on social, or create a quick YouTube video to educate your online audience about what your organization is doing and why you feel it is important. Further, the more frequently you share your thoughts and ideas on industry developments and concepts, the more you become an educated source for others to which to look.

Your vision is unique to your company. No one else out there is doing it exactly the way you are. We encourage you to work on taking the vision of your company from an insular idea to an outward motto. Share your mission and passion with others and see how social can open a new world of networking.

If you’d like further help on getting your vision shared, contact us today! We can’t wait to work with you.