It’s that time of the year again where most of us may take a moment longer to appreciate the people and places around us. This year, as families gather around their dinner tables facing down roasted turkeys and mashed potatoes, not many will utter the words “I’m thankful for social media.” That’s okay. Social media can be a difficult topic to always have a positive outlook on. This season of gratitude we wanted to share with you the apps of social that are bettering people’s lives and definitely offer something to be grateful for.

  • Money Management Apps: There are several helpful and informative money management and saving apps available for both android and apple users. Having a little reminder there of budgets, spending habits and saving opportunities helps keep us on the right financial track. Check out the top money apps here.


  • Navigation Apps: Guys, we’re going to name one word to make all of your blood pressures rocket… traffic. Ugh. It’s terrible even typing it. That being said, anything that can help cut even just a few minutes off of sitting in traffic we are super into. Take a look at these top navigation apps and count your traffic blessings.


  • Charitable Giving Apps: Giving to charity has never been so cool. So many donation apps today are really easy to use and make giving back a snap. Here are some of the best charitable giving apps. We’re into the Charity Miles one where you just track your bike or run, and a donation is made to a charity.


  • Travel Apps: The holidays are for travel… right? Traveling can have so many details and moving parts to worry about. Anything that helps ease the journey we’re willing to give a try. So, whether you’re going to see Aunt Ethel in Michigan or beach time in the Bahamas, check out these top travel apps for your voyage.


  • Mental Health Apps: Are you surprised that there is an app out there for everything? Of course not. While mental health apps can run the gamete on helpfulness, there are some out there that seem to be well received. Take a look at these mental health apps that have been pre-vetted.