Twitterings About Twitter

This month, we’re going to talk one of the most divisive social platforms out there. The app that gets people’s blood boiling, their heart racing, and their common sense to take a back seat. We’re talking Twitter.

Twitter is a beast of a social network and should not be approached lightly when considering your company’s online presence. It may sound silly – but heed our warnings. With over 330 million monthly active users, and 500 million tweets sent daily (that is 6,000 tweets every second, we know you were wondering), that is a lot of noise to break through. For a company to even stay present on the Twitter feed a minimum of 7- 10 tweets a day is suggested.

Before you get too wound up in the numbers needed to maintain that Twitter profile, take a step back and consider whether your organization needs one. Not all brands would benefit from a Twitter. Depending on your organization, your strongest platforms might be more visually based, or your clientele simply is not on there. That’s okay. It is much better to not be on a network at all than to be on it with a half-assed presence.

If you are an organization where Twitter could benefit your brand, take a strategic approach to it. We would recommend using a content scheduling dashboard, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social. Find time once a week to sit down for an hour and schedule out at least 2-3 tweets a day. From there, fill in when you can with retweets and likes on the platform. This will raise your engagement and should lead to increased exposure.

One last thought to consider if you are on Twitter: be sure and consistently brand yourself with a company hashtag. If you are spending time and effort on the network, be sure to milk as much organic keywording as possible out of it. If you don’t have a company hashtag, give us a call and we can talk social media business branding. In the meantime, #StayPolished.