Our 2018 Social Predictions

It’s the beginning of another year and the potential is palpable. So many opportunities. So much to which to look forward.

Part of our excitement for the coming year stems from the developments and progress we expect to see in social media. If recent history shows us anything, it’s that we can bank on changes coming to social media. But, what kind of changes? Here are some predictions we have conjured up on what *could* be expected in a social 2018.

  • Social Listening: We think social listening through the use of targeted hashtags and monitoring online conversations is going to be a resource to which more and more organizations turn. Tapping into these assets is key to a successful social media plan.


  • Pay to Play: It’s been the same every year. The cost to play the social media advertising game continues to rise. We believe 2018 will not be any different. If you thought paid advertising was crucial last year, we think social platforms are going to beef up this revenue source even more in the coming year- making the name of the game putting your money where your mouth is.


  • YouTube Steps on the Main Stage: YouTube has always kind of been the baby brother to some of the other social channels. Full of potential but always kind of in the background. Well this is the year baby bro takes the spotlight… ish. With more platforms turning to paid ads for company exposure, YouTube remains one of the few free social resources to use in a social campaign.


  • Instagram Continues its Reign: So maybe this one isn’t so much about coming changes. More this is about how we think IG will continue to dominate as the gold standard for a social network. Fewer and fewer companies will find their social plans exempt from maintaining this resource. Everyone who is anyone is on Instagram… or something like that.


  • Facebook Makes Moves: Again, this one might be shakey on predictions. But, we definitely believe Facebook is going to do something in an attempt to draw those millennials back from SnapChat and Instagram. We have a feeling Facebook has not resigned itself to being a second string player. Some move. Some time. It’ll be there.


Interested in mapping out what your 2018 social media campaign will look like? Let’s figure it out together. Contact us.