Lots to Love About LinkedIn

This month we are showing the loooove for LinkedIn. Even the most novice of social media users tend to know about LinkedIn. But did you know this channel goes well beyond a simple professional profile?

Let us share with you a few of our favorite things about this career driven platform:

  1. Move beyond the personal profile. We work with so many small business owners who have their personal LinkedIn profile, but have not created one for their company. Just like for individuals, you can create a profile representing your organization. Include history, company size, contact points, and case studies. Why not take advantage of an additional professional profile for your company? Bonus, this offers additional SEO key-wording for your online presence.


  1. Professional Positioning. LinkedIn is the ultimate in networking-stalkerdom. Not only is this platform fantastic for identifying and connecting with people in your current professional role, LinkedIn offers the possibility to identify and connect with people for where you want to go as well. Be that other companies, new niche demographics, or other professionals you admire. If you’re thinking about a career change, researching and identifying people in your new field is creating for yourself a fantastic foot-in-the-door opportunity. Take advantage of this.


  1. Take it IRL. LinkedIn is one of the few channels where taking it off-line is totally acceptable and expected. Don’t be shy to turn those online connections into real life contacts. Did you recently add, or were added by, someone new? Ask them to meet IRL for a cup of coffee and see what networking possibilities exist there. Or, is there someone in your industry that you believe could be a great power partner for you or your organization? Reach out and see if they’d be open to chatting over a beverage. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s fluidity in turning connections to contacts.

What are some of the reasons that you love LinkedIn? Have you had positive outcomes from networking on this platform, or find it to be kind of a dud? We’d love to hear your compliments and complaints about LinkedIn. Contact us today to discuss your online strategy.